October 28, 2011

It's alive! It's ALIVE!

That's right, I've got the engine running, and what music to my ears! I will not mention the embarrassing last gaffe I had made... ok, let's just say I got all the complicated instrument wires right (puzzling wiring mentioned in last post), but then went color blind on red vs brown at the ignition switch.

I'll admit, I've been down in the garage a couple of recent evenings just to start her up and listen to that triple sound before hitting the sack. It made for good dreams.

This evening I spent some time on rough investigation on how I might be able to replace the instruments, which are in bad shape but seem to be required for starting the bike up. There are some wild theories/reports out there that the instruments can be replaced by placing a 120Ohm resistor across the KL (short for K & L lines of the ISO 9141 interconnect, also incorrectly referred to as the CAN bus) bus wires at the instrument, but have not seen a post that would confirm this for late Speed Triple, nor have I been able to do this on my bike.

On disconnecting the red and blue KL wires and placing a 120Ohm resistor in the instrument's place the bike will not start. This is apparent as soon as the engine kill is toggled since the fuel pump will not prime (no pleasing whirring sound from underneath the tank). Not only that but it seems some basic basic lights on the cluster such as N are also driven by the KL; ie this advanced bus is not limited to fancy metrics like fuel consumption etc.

I think I may be erring towards reusing the roughed-up but function original cluster is version 1.0 of the bike. Should be easier to get it safetied this way too.

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