October 31, 2011

BS proprietary tools

This is going to be a rant, not a blog post. Came back home happy to have found a great contact for hacking up the top triple for fixing up the headlight. Ready to bring the top triple to get it sliced, I got to work in removing it off the bike. I didn't get very far...

Is it really required that manufacturers create proprietary tools for their machines? Would a large nut fixing the top triple to the tree not suffice??

My attempt at removal of the nut #1: mutilate my angle grinder pin spanner to fit the job. This required I stick in the vice and stretch the non-adjustable pins outward, and grind the pins down a size. With wheel between my knees I gave a heave, with result being a irreparably mangled spanner, bloody knuckle, and scratched nut (on the top triple!).

Attempt #2, I tried an adjustable wrench, with an effect of only further scratching up nut. I refuse to buy the specialized tool, an after licking off my wounds (to knuckle and ego) I will try a plain 38mm socket.

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