November 2, 2011

Hung the bike from ceiling

What are you gonna do as you are again short of fancy equipment, this time a bike lift... hang the bike from the garage ceiling! It worked out quite nicely, will just feed the steel cable through another brace before installing in framing permanently.

Backtracking a bit: I got the damn headstock top nut off, using a gonzo (to obscene to be pictured) 38mm socket. Worked like a charm. I quickly realized that there was no way that top triple was coming off with the forks on. Using the jeeps bottle jack (seen in pic) the bike was way too unstable, and so short of some fancy bike lift I figured I'd just hang the bike up.

Top triple came off the stem, although very relunctantly... do bikes really get that little grease at assembly?? It's one ready for having the light fixed onto it. BTW, I'm not shoeing the light in pieces, I was the atrocity (ducati light on triumph) on full display after it's done.

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